EasyFreelance or your own company?

Making a decision to start your own business can be easy, but when it comes to what type of company to choose, it suddenly becomes more difficult. The differences between the different types may seem small, but there is a lot that distinguishes different business forms, especially when it comes to risk and finances. We go through what you need to know to choose the type of business form that suits you best.

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Avoid accounting?
Avoid share capital?
Avoid administration?
Avoid reporting?
Avoid risking your personal finances
Drop the nutritional statement?
Social rights?
Sick pay?
Insurance and support included?

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"Perfect for me who only has 3-4 freelance assignments a year, but still wants to be able to invoice. For a small portion of the profit, I can completely avoid thinking about paper exercises and concentrate on what I do best."


"Been using EasyFreelance for over a year. Makes life much easier for freelancers. There were some delays in some transactions, but the support team was very helpful.


"I've been trying EasyFreelance for quite a while now and it seems like a well constructed place for handling business. Super solid piece of work. Works without glitches, and makes day to day business easy."


"I had a fantastic experience with EasyFreelance! Their team was incredibly kind and responsive. Within just 5 minutes all my questions were resolved. I highly recommend EasyFreelance for their efficient and friendly service."


"Excellent, user-friendly service at a competitive price, would definitely recommend this to others!"


"Not only did they provide quick responses, but the team also showed a genuine understanding of the difficulties I was facing. They showed a high level of empathy and compassion, which made me feel heard and valued. This personal touch relieved the stress and frustration significantly. 10/10 in every way!!!"


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