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It's important to us that you can send an invoice quickly and easily, so you can focus on your business and what you want to do. EasyFreelance takes care of all the complexities such as bookkeeping, VAT, accounting and debt collection. With a few simple steps, we make it possible for you to get started and get paid, without starting your own business.

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You have been given an assignment

Create an account for free and you're ready to go when you find an assignment you want to invoice for. It is only when you choose to create an invoice that a fee of 4.9% of the invoice amount is deducted.

Remember to inform the customer that you are invoicing through EasyFreelance so that they understand where the invoice is coming from.

You create an invoice

During the assignment period, you are employed by EasyFreelance, which makes it possible to get paid and send invoices without a separate company. You quickly and easily create an invoice basis in our invoicing tool and can then focus on your business.

EasyFreelance sends your invoices to the customer with clear instructions that you have carried out the assignment. You are always covered by our insurance policies and supported by customer support.

Girl sending invoices to her customer
A girl getting paid through EasyFreelance

We take care of the rest

EasyFreelance takes full employer responsibility and handles all administration. This means that you don't have to worry about paying taxes, fees, VAT or other things that would be required if you were running your own business. You get your salary calculated and ready within 24 hours of creating your invoice and the customer has paid.

EasyFreelance is only 4.9%.

We do this together! Whether you're a freelancer, consultant or extra work, we want to be there for you. That's why it costs nothing to create an account with us. You only pay us when your clients pay you.

Get to know EasyFreelance's features

It's easy to use EasyFreelance - both online and on mobile. Here you can learn more about how to use the features that save you time and automate many of the tedious and heavy tasks you have as a freelancer. Administration, follow-up and payroll!


Create and send invoices

The best thing about having done a job is being able to invoice. And with EasyFreeance, it's also done in a flash. It's as simple as this:

Create an invoice
Just fill in what you've sold, to whom and for how much, and the invoice is pretty much complete.

Send aninvoice
When the invoice is ready, you decide how you want to send it, whether it's by email, as an e-invoice or as a paper invoice.

Automatic follow-up
EasyFreelance automatically follows up your invoices on your behalf and ensures that your customers pay according to the agreement.

Invoice template from EasyFreelance.
Allowances and mileage allowance

Easy receipt management

We love to keep things simple, and have adapted our system to make it easy for you to claim deductions for costs incurred during the assignment. Take photos. Submit. Ready!

Take a photo of the receipt
Take a photo of the receipt immediately after the purchase and easily upload it to the app or web interface. Enter what the receipt is for and then just send it in.


It's not us who love paper receipts, it's the law. That's why you must save your receipts in their original form for at least four years.

Get your money back
‍ We
make sure that receipts are put in the right place and you have the money for the expense back in your account along with your salary. It all happens automatically and you don't have to do anything more than wait.

Girl sending invoices to her customer

Automatic payroll on account.

This means you don't have to worry about one of the most burdensome parts for an entrepreneur: employer's contributions, employer's declarations and everything else complicated that has to do with payroll.

After you've completed your assignment and invoiced the customer, you can just sit back and relax. EasyFreelance calculates your salary, pays the salary, pays and reports taxes and fees without you having to do anything. Simple and easy!

A girl getting paid through EasyFreelance
Service and support

Personalized service

At EasyFreelance, most things are automatic - you can focus on your assignment, invoicing and taking care of your customer. If you run into technical problems or need advice, we're of course here to help. Whether it's technical difficulties or you just want a chat, it's easy to contact us and get answers to your questions.

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Invoice template from EasyFreelance.Girl sending invoices to her customerA girl getting paid through EasyFreelanceThree happy people celebrating time off

Read more about what our customers say about us.

"Perfect for me who only has 3-4 freelance assignments a year, but still wants to be able to invoice. For a small portion of the profit, I can completely avoid thinking about paper exercises and concentrate on what I do best."


"Been using EasyFreelance for over a year. Makes life much easier for freelancers. There were some delays in some transactions, but the support team was very helpful.


"I've been trying EasyFreelance for quite a while now and it seems like a well constructed place for handling business. Super solid piece of work. Works without glitches, and makes day to day business easy."


"I had a fantastic experience with EasyFreelance! Their team was incredibly kind and responsive. Within just 5 minutes all my questions were resolved. I highly recommend EasyFreelance for their efficient and friendly service."


"Excellent, user-friendly service at a competitive price, would definitely recommend this to others!"


"Not only did they provide quick responses, but the team also showed a genuine understanding of the difficulties I was facing. They showed a high level of empathy and compassion, which made me feel heard and valued. This personal touch relieved the stress and frustration significantly. 10/10 in every way!!!"


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We do this together! Whether you're a freelancer, consultant or extra work, we want to be there for you. That's why it costs nothing to create an account with us. You only pay us when your clients pay you.