Curious about how EasyFreelance works? Here you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions.


What is self-employment?
How does self-employment work?
Am I insured as a self-employed person?
Can I work as much as I want?
What is an Assignment Agreement?
My customer wants to use their own assignment agreement
Do I have an agreement with EasyFreelance?

Questions about invoicing

How can I invoice without my own company?
What happens when the invoice is sent?
How do I know if my customer has paid?
What happens if my customer doesn't pay?
Payment terms
Can I invoice anything through EasyFreelance?

Questions about Payment

When do I get paid as a self-employed person?
How much do you charge and what is included?
How much of the invoice do I receive in salary?
Where are my salary details?
What does the working relationship look like?
Am I insured as a self-employed person at EasyFreelance?
Should I notify EasyFreelance before I start the assignment?

Questions about Deductions

What is mileage allowance?
What is a logbook?
Diet rates 2023
Can I deduct costs during the assignment?
Remuneration for musicians

Questions about the app

Home page, what is it?
Where can I find information about my payments and invoices?
Pre-registration of assignments
How do I add costs? 

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