Cooperation agreement regarding invoicing

This cooperation agreement (the "Agreement") regarding invoicing is entered into between EasyStaff AS, Org no. 927 312 492, ("EasyFreelance") and the legal entity that wishes to enter into cooperation with EasyFreelance: 927 312 492, ("EasyFreelance") and the legal entity that wishes to enter into cooperation with EasyFreelance ("Contractor")

The Contractor and EasyFreelance agree that they shall cooperate on the terms and conditions and as described in this Agreement. EasyFreelance and the Contractor are jointly referred to as the "Parties".


1.1. The background to the Agreement is that EasyFreelance offers to invoice on behalf of the Contractor for the assignments and work that the Contractor has performed for its client(s).

1.2. The parties agree that EasyFreelance does not mediate assignments, and otherwise has no influence on the assignments the Contractor has undertaken to perform. EasyFreelance shall only be responsible for invoicing the Contractor's client(s), and ensure that invoiced amounts can be paid as salary to the Contractor.

1.3. This Agreement shall enable the Contractor to invoice its client(s) and have the remuneration paid as salary, without the Contractor having to set up a separate company to receive payment from its clients.

1.4. This Agreement entails that EasyFreelance assumes the administrative role as a contractual intermediary for the work the Contractor wishes to undertake towards the Clients, after which EasyFreelance issues an invoice and pays the Contractor, as further specified in this Agreement.

1.5. This Agreement assumes that clients for whom the Contractor has already performed services/assignments, or agreed to perform their services/assignments, accept EasyFreelance as an administrative contractual intermediary, including that the client accepts to pay invoices issued by EasyFreelance.

1.6. This Agreement entails access to a payment service where EasyFreelance provides accounting services, including, but not limited to, creating, sending, crediting, correcting and managing invoices on behalf of the Contractor.

1.7. This Agreement further entails access to a paid service where the Contractor's customers can manage invoices, including, but not limited to, creating, sending, crediting, correcting and managing invoices on behalf of the Contractor.


2.1. This Agreement lasts from the signature of the Agreement and as long as the Contractor continues to be active with EasyFreelance, unless the Agreement is terminated as stated in section 2.3 or 2.4.

2.2. "Active" means that the Contractor has performed one or more services/assignments for one or more clients during the last six months, and at the same time used EasyFreelance's services under this Agreement.

2.3. If the Contractor does not use the services under this Agreement for a period of six months, the Contractor will be considered "Inactive". If the Contractor is considered "Inactive", this Agreement will automatically terminate without any action required by either Party.

2.4. This Agreement may be terminated in writing by either Party with a mutual notice period of two weeks.

2.5. If the Contractor wishes to resume the cooperation after this Agreement has been terminated, a new agreement must be entered into between the Parties.


3.1. The Contractor is free to choose whether or not to use this Agreement for an assignment that has already been performed for the Contractor's client(s).

3.2 The fact that an agreement (or agreements) has previously been entered into with EasyFreelance with regard to services previously performed for the client(s) does not mean that the Contractor is obliged to enter into a new agreement with EasyFreelance.

3.3. The parties agree that EasyFreelance has no authority to instruct the Contractor. The conclusion of this Agreement assumes that assignments to be invoiced under this Agreement have been performed in accordance with a specific agreement between the Contractor and the Client (an agreement to which EasyFreelance is not a party). EasyFreelance will then invoice in accordance with the information EasyFreelance receives from the Contractor and/or the Client.


4.1. Under this Agreement, EasyFreelance undertakes to administer and perform invoicing to the Contractor's client(s) for the services that the Contractor has already performed for its client(s).

4.2. Furthermore, EasyFreelance shall calculate and pay necessary expenses and deductions, such as employer's contributions, withholding tax (for tax), VAT, and other.

4.3. EasyFreelance's remuneration for the services performed is set out in the rates applicable from time to time, which are available on EasyFreelance's website ( The remuneration is deducted from the amount invoiced and paid (by the Client) before payment to the Contractor.


5.1. If the relevant Client is a partner of EasyFreelance, EasyFreelance will invoice the Client according to the information that the Client reports to EasyFreelance and/or EasyFreelance's systems.

5.2. If the relevant Client is not a partner of EasyFreelance, EasyFreelance will invoice the Client according to the information that the Contractor reports to EasyFreelance and/or EasyFreelance's systems.


6.1. When the amount according to the issued invoice has been received by EasyFreelance, the amount is paid as salary to the Contractor in accordance with this clause six. The salary is paid within 45 (forty-five) working days after the invoice amount from the Client has been received by EasyFreelance. Salary shall be paid to the bank account specified by the Contractor. The bank account shall be a Norwegian bank account, otherwise the Contractor shall bear all costs related to making a payment abroad.

6.2. If EasyFreelance's mandatory and statutory expenses and deductions should change, the calculation and net payment of salary will be adjusted accordingly.

6.3. In the event of an error in payment, the Parties agree that EasyFreelance is given the right to make the necessary adjustment when making a new payment. Alternatively, EasyFreelance may demand repayment by direct invoicing to the Contractor. This also applies in the event that it turns out that deductions in statutory expenses and deductions have been too low.

6.4. The amount paid by the Client for the assignment performed is the basis for calculating salary. In addition to salary, the amount shall cover costs for taxes, fees and insurance, as well as EasyFreelance's administration fee. The Contractor may at any time use EasyFreelance's calculator at to calculate his/her salary. In the event of any differences between the calculator's calculation and the actual calculation made in accordance with EasyFreelance's rules and guidelines for salary calculation,
shall take precedence.


7.1 The working relationship between the Parties under this Agreement, including EasyFreelance's payments to the Contractor, is subject to the service(s)/assignment(s) performed by the Contractor being delivered in accordance with the requirements and conditions set out in the Contractor's agreement with the client (an agreement to which EasyFreelance is not a party).

7.2. The parties agree that there is no employment or contractual relationship between the Contractor and EasyFreelance, other than that EasyFreelance undertakes to perform Unofficial translation at the bottom. Norwegian version prevails

invoicing, administration and payment as set out in this Agreement. Salary to the Contractor is paid based on the Parties' common assumption that the Contractor is not to be considered an employee of EasyFreelance.

7.3. The Contractor is on certain conditions covered by EasyFreelance's insurance policies in force at any given time. The insurance policies that may apply will be stated by requesting EasyFreelance. In some cases, the Contractor may also choose which insurance policies the Contractor shall be covered by. As a general rule, the Contractor must pre-register their assignments in EasyFreelance's app in order to be covered by EasyFreelance's insurance policies, if any, during the assignment period. If the assignment is performed for one of EasyFreelance's partners, the assignment will generally be covered by EasyFreelance's insurance policies in force at any given time, even if the assignment is not pre-registered in EasyFreelance's app.

7.4. The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that his/her tax card, at all times, states the correct tax rate in the form of a table or percentage rate. Any changes to the tax card can be made via

7.5. Invoicing and payment under this Agreement assumes that the service/assignments performed by the Contractor for the Client have already been performed by the Contractor, including that the Contractor has not been prevented from actually performing the service/assignment (regardless of reason).

7.6. By entering into this Agreement, the Parties agree that EasyFreelance is permitted to share the Contractor's information, including, but not limited to, personal data and billing information, with the Contractor's existing and potential customers.

7.7. Aggregated anonymized data may be used by EasyFreelance for marketing purposes.


8.1. EasyFreelance is not obliged to pay wages or other remuneration unless an invoice sent by EasyFreelance to the Client is paid by the Client. EasyFreelance cannot otherwise be held liable for any loss the Contractor may suffer as a result of non-payment by the Client, including in the event of complaints, disputed invoice claims or similar.

8.2. The parties agree that this shall be considered a relationship between the Contractor and the Client if, for example, claims for price reductions, compensation or other claims related to the services/assignments performed by the Contractor are submitted to EasyFreelance by the Client or another third party. If this occurs, the Contractor shall indemnify EasyFreelance for any loss EasyFreelance may suffer as a result of any claims from clients and other third parties, to the extent that the claim relates to the Contractor's remuneration claim, payment or assignment in general.


9.1. By signing this Agreement, the Contractor confirms that EasyFreelance's privacy policy has been read and understood. For the avoidance of doubt, EasyFreelance notes that it may change its privacy policy at any time. In such case, EasyFreelance will inform the Contractor of any changes.

9.2. The Contractor acknowledges that EasyFreelance will process data relating to the Contractor for a variety of purposes and that this may include sensitive personal data relating to the Contractor. EasyFreelance will only process this data where it has a lawful basis to do so. Details of the types of data used, the purpose of data processing and the lawful basis on which the data is processed can be requested if required.


10.1. The parties agree that their rights and obligations under this Agreement shall be governed in their entirety by Norwegian law. The parties further agree that the agreed venue shall be Oslo District Court